Millennia 2G Safety Spectacles


Clear Lens

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The Millennia 2G Safety Spectacles are tailored made for the construction and industrial industries. As part of your PPE and protective workwear, they provide a physical barrier between flying particles and your eyes. When used correctly, these glasses work to minimise the risk of serious injury and allows you to proceed with any job swiftly and efficiently.

The Millennia 2G are lightweight and comfortable. The ergonomic design curves around your face to sit comfortably on ears and wraps around the entire head. Half-rim lenses in a clear colour allow you to clearly see a panoramic view of your surroundings, minimising the risk of injury at any time. These glasses are designed to sit close to the face and reduce bulk during more rigorous tasks. In addition, the nasal support is designed for comfort and stability. The versatility of the Millennia 2G’s is their suitability to a range of different tasks and hazards. The secure head strap locks them in place and gives you adequate protection for any job.

Here at Ever So Clean, we aim to bring you the best quality products on the market. These safety goggles are suitable for protection against high-speed particles and low energy impact at extremes of temperature. We provide them at a budget-friendly cost, allowing you to purchase in bulk or replace equipment efficiently.

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