When it comes to shifting tough stains and dirt, our Industrial Collection provides the tools you need. The products of over 20 years experience within the cleaning industry, these powerful and hardworking cleaning chemicals get to work fast and produce the results that you need.

Designed to match the efforts of market leaders and well-known brands, we bring in some of the strongest chemicals on the market and work with recognised brands to provide the best results. As nominated suppliers to local authorities including schools, we know the importance of creating a clean and hygienic environment for everyone. That’s where our Industrial cleaning collection comes into force – with the strength to cut through the hardest dirt and grime you can find.

Choose from products such as our Citrexel Trigger Spray – a powerful gum and tough deposits remover which can break down grime such as tar, chewing gum and bitumen with a single spray. As leading wholesalers of cleaning supplies in Somerset, we understand the needs of local businesses and their clients. Our industrial cleaning products are there to remove all the dirt and grime you struggled to shift in the past without breaking a sweat or requiring numerous different chemicals.

Browse our Industrial Cleaning products here today. If you have questions or queries, our friendly and expert team are on hand to provide advice, tips and tricks. We offer a local delivery service to companies and organisations so please get in touch if you are within the Somerset area.