Cleaning Products

When it comes to creating a kitchen that gleams, our Catering Cleaning Products range is there to help. Designed to keep surface tops, floors and kitchen appliances sparkling, our extensive collection includes both in-house and well-known branded products. We strive to support both your catering and janitorial department with a selection of exceptional cleaning gels, sprays and liquids, all at competitive prices.

As the nominated supplier to a number of Local Authorities and School’s, we have a wealth of knowledge behind us. This helps to ensure that every product we offer achieves the best result every single time. Our collection of Ever So Clean products are designed and developed in-house to combined exceptional results with competitive prices. Using 10 years of experience, we are proud of each and every one.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful hard floor cleaner or a spray cleaner for your kitchen worktops, we’ll have something right here for you. Our aim is to serve your business and ensure that every meal you prepare is done so in the cleanest and most hygienic of environments.

Each of our catering cleaning products comes with clear and detailed instructions for use. We also offer COSSH support to ensure every single member of your team has awareness and training on their use. For new customers, our own-branded products are available as samples upon request so you can experience just how powerful they are for yourself.

Browse our wide range of catering cleaning products here today to find the most suitable choice for your business.

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